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A nasty, brown, huge-lipped pussy that looks like the lunch meat.
Mr. Dambaugh keeps a loaf of bread and jar of mayo next to his bed so he can eat Sally's roast beef twat every night.
by sean March 11, 2003
v.,n. - to accidentally shit oneself while attempting to fart
I accidentally sharted myself.

Did I get some shart on you?
by Sean September 10, 2004
The moniker used by former Las Vegas Outlaw Running back Rod Smart. He came up with the name when he first joined the team and was placed on 3rd string. Rod still uses the name for autographs in the NFL, where he plays as a KR for the Panthers.
HE HATE ME because I just scored a touchdown on him.
by sean January 19, 2004
Vehicle driven by asshole suburban mothers who often only have 1-2 kids and have no need for a vehicle that seats 8. While thought to be more efficient than SUVs, the driver always looks like a complete loser who should just suck it up and buy an SUV regardless of the gas milage.
I stopped talking to my mother after she bought a minivan.
by Sean February 01, 2005
The inability to know ones phsysical boundries.
holy shit! Call the ambulance!
by sean February 26, 2005
1: Non-dairy alternative to ice cream, wherein other fats are used instead of milk fat. It can be made out of both animal fat and vegetable fat. It has a sweat and delicate taste, just like a fine woman. At least that's what Sanji thinks.
2: An interjection often used in the sight of pure beauty that would be sweet to the taste if it was a food.
1: This mellorine tastes exquisite, just like my Nami-Swan~
2: Mellorine! You're so lovely, Robin-Scwan~
by Sean June 04, 2007
Automotive sex
Wow, look at that ferrari!! id give my left nut for that!1
by sean April 03, 2003

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