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Something that doesn't exist.

If you say you're a vampire, you're just a fucking idiot.
Joey started calling himself Lord Thisangar and saying he was a vampire. I responded by crushing his windpipe and telling him that if he was really a vampire there's no way that could hurt him.
by Sam is a Dick September 23, 2007
The feeling of total exhiliration before performing a certain pwning.
I'm gonna kill this guy so hard I've got a raging pwner.
by Sam is a Dick May 18, 2007
Beating off, pounding the pud, firing off some knuckle children, rubbing one out, launching a solo album, rubbing Don Rickles' head for good luck, having a menage a un, tasering the gnome.
Back in high school I was really into flogging molly. What, that's the name of a band too?
by Sam is a Dick May 18, 2007
Old definition: One who wishes to preserve old evils as opposed to a liberal who clamors for new ones.

New definition: Someone who believes in ultra-fascist government where a single leader makes all decisions and is unquestionable, combined with a radical upward redistribution of income and cruelty for the fun of it; as opposed to a liberal who wants to dismantle the military, trust terrorists not to hurt us, and eat the rich. One of two classes of fuckwit in this country.
How dare you attack the integrity of the president in front of me, I'm a conservative you know.
by Sam is a Dick April 17, 2007
Typically the one in the band with the biggest penis.
I went home with the lead singer last night and was totally unsatisfied. Tonight I'm fucking the bass player.
by Sam is a Dick March 27, 2007
A formerly southern state that sometimes likes to pretend it still is.

Contains a lot of invented nostalgia felt in a superficial way by people who were never part of the old culture.
Virginia is still a southern state the way a girl who takes it up the ass is still a virgin.
by Sam is a Dick September 20, 2007
An adult contemporary musical ensemble who, rumor has it, used to play metal.
Cliff Burton would not be pleased with the current incarnation of Metallica.
by Sam is a Dick October 15, 2007

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