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i miss you
sweetie, imu lots.
by hahaha July 21, 2003
513 59
verb: to punish for politically incorrectness yet the politically protected get away with.

more generally: to punish for being politically incorrect
Clinton was not imussed for being sexy with a 19yr-old.

"White Men can't Jump" is not punished.
Afro-Americans can't read is imussed.

Duke lacrosse players were imussed.
Duke accuser is not punished.
by diplod April 14, 2007
152 39
cantankerous radio host; points out phonies, jerks, morons, etc. etc.
Ever wonder why Imus's show is simulcast on MSNBC? Because his movement's next to nil, it doesn't rush people up! (not a shot at Imus, actually he's pretty funny)
by Alex April 16, 2003
148 66
John Donald Imus aka the I-Man. Radio talk show host out of NYC. His show Imus in the Morning can be seen on MSNBC. Show has notoriously bad ratings
by Poopy McCallister III Esq. July 30, 2003
133 60
term to critisize somone, say ugly things, make piffy comments,ect. you can place this word in any sentence
Don't be an imus.
I was being an imus when I was mad.
by Alex Chandler April 19, 2007
88 19
To fuck up or step on your willis
Imus up really bad when I call young college basketball players certain things.
by Deano51 April 11, 2007
71 19
IS the biggest phony ever. A craggy-faced, angry, obnoxious, UNFUNNY, haughty son of a bitch. Is the apogee of men who have faces MADE for radio.
Imus treated Howard Stern like crap, and now he is Stern's BITCH
by Juan A. Bizkit September 18, 2003
176 126