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to lick a girls pussy
Lisa? Oh i ate her pussy last night
by joe February 04, 2004
1006 417
The proof that you are not what you eat!
Real men eat pussy!
by LayItonYou March 20, 2007
1075 529
It's one of the great unsung delights of living as the male of the species.
It is marvellous to eat pussy when it's all spic and span (relatively uncontamineded by previous users).
by Destouches November 29, 2004
789 443
performing oral sex on a girl with the hopes of receiving a blowjob afterwards
i eat pussy so she sucks on my balls afterwards.
by h0peless romantic October 22, 2005
748 484
eating a pussy out. YUM. eating pussy is fun! Just make sure its with someone thats hygeinic
Eat pussy but dont let vitale eat your pussy or you may get herpes!!
by atume December 27, 2007
540 308
Giving a woman pleasure by using your mouth, teeth, lips, or tongue.
him: do you like that?...That do you like?

Her: mm yeah eat pussy babe
Him: excellent you are now ready for that 'palm jobtechnique' I found on google.
by deepbreath January 21, 2014
63 48
it is what u lick

i licked cassie's pussy last night
and it taste like strawberry.
cassie pussy taste so good
by adam March 30, 2005
445 466