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7 definitions by Rusanova

the level of intoxication at which an individual can only beep and grunt.
Jason and Alison had too many vodkas last night, and they both ended up robot drunk.
by Rusanova September 13, 2010
227 22
a negative term for female genitalia, specifically an unpleasant-smelling vagina, covered by an excess of pubic hair
Gina often clashed with the other women in New Jersey, because of her offensive muff cabbage.
by Rusanova October 15, 2010
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Hairstyle characterized by sweeping bangs, lack of apparent movement, and androgyny. Popularized by teen singer Justin Bieber. The sort of cultural artifact which will be mocked in 5 years, then will become temporarily fashionable again after 15-20 years. The haircut makes many people think of lesbians.
"Did you meet Kayleen's new boyfriend?"
"Yeah. I thought he'd be a redneck, but he's got a complete bieberhead."
"Like your ex-girlfriend's haircut?"
"True -- but she turned out to be a lesbian. The hairstyle was hot on her, but it's just another fad for teenagers.
by Rusanova November 05, 2010
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Novel by Ayn Rand (published in 1943) centering on the struggles of a young architect named Howard Roark. It presents the idea that man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress. The novel celebrates reason, individualism, productivity, and creativity. It is criticized for its presentation of largely black-and-white characters, and an undercurrent of sadomasochism in Roark's relationship with Dominque Francon (who serves as both an adversary and a love interest). Many who dislike the book despise Rand's philosophical system, Objectivism, or are simply too damn lazy to read a 700-page novel.
"What's up with Maria? She's talking about 'collectivism of the soul'."
"She read 'The Fountainhead' this month."
"Is she going to become an objectivist a-hole?"
"No, probably not. You just can't start thinking you're an unrecognized genius when you're reallly just 5% smarter than the dolts around you.
by Rusanova January 13, 2011
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Clothing which is technically appropriate for the workplace, but which creates interest and/or arousal by co-workers or customers. "Business sexual" is a variation of "business casual" attire which emphasizes the individual's physical attractiveness. Generally applied to women only.
Martina decided to wear a business sexual outfit on Thursday. She saw that Cassandra at the bank probably had the same idea, as did Laura at the outlet mall. She felt more attractive and powerful. The world was a happier place for everyone.
by Rusanova November 05, 2010
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Sexual arousal combined with a feeling of intimidation and uncertainty, generally provoked by powerful/forceful women who are physically attractive. "Business sexual" clothing contributes to the condition. Referenced in the TV program, "Workaholics", on Comedy Central.
Adam was being reprimanded by his boss when he experienced a fearection. Her power was both erotic and dangerous. Her threats of violence decreased, but did not stop, his desire to make sweet love to her. His friends Anders and Blake confirmed that this is a fearection.
by Rusanova May 20, 2011
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Assuming you will have something before you actually have it; similar to "counting your chickens before they hatch" (which is commonly attributed to Aesop).
"The Mariners could do better than expected this year."

"Let's not kid ourselves. Check your premises before you make a prediction."

"I'm assuming a number of things go right. Maybe I'm just counting my monkeys before they're out of the trees."
by Rusanova February 03, 2012
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