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Beautiful. Fun to be around. Great in bed. The best girl ever. Strong, can fight. A great friend. and someone you want to get to know.
Look at that girl right there, she's a martina! I want to get to know her.
by dizam. November 15, 2009
Warrior or Warlike

The meaning of the name Martina is Servant Of Mars, God Of War

The origin of the name Martina is Latin

Martina (died after 641) was the second Empress consort of Heraclius of the Byzantine Empire.
Martina Navratilova
Martina Hingis
by smile4mmm August 26, 2009
Martina is the sweetest, funniest, most comforting person ever. She is strong and independent. She is talented and beautiful. She is sometimes not the best human being, but she just haven't opened up to you yet. She is a fighter. She is the shoulder you want to cry on. She is the person you want comforting you in hard times. Like I said SHE IS A FIGHTER. She fights for what matters to her . Whether it's friends, objects, peace, or love.She is beautiful but not a lot people notice or tell her that. She is always is always making people feel special and confident but not a lot of people do that for her. She isn't perfect. She is Martina. She respects everybody. You will be blinded by her beauty. Seriously. You'll be like WOAH OMG that girl is gorgeous. She must be a Martina.

Whoever is reading this if you know a Martina then get to know her better because you will get an amazing friend. You won't regret it.
Girl: have you met Martina?
Friend: no
Girl: well you should I just broke up with my bf and she is the only person I wanted comforting me.
Friend: wow I want to get to know her.

Guy: dude I met the most sweetest, nicest, most gorgeous girl ever.

Friend: dude let me guess. She a Martina

gorgeous eyes pretty hair fabulous comforting hilarious
by Unknown girl October 19, 2013
when seen your almost blinded by her beauty, you might catch your jaw dropping b/c you are just so amazed by this girl's appearance. Just everything is just right about this girl. YOU WANT HER IN LIFE AND NEVER LET HER GO. FOR dumb ass nigga
person 1: Is that... OH MY GOD ? Martina
person 2 : I dont know, i cant see i think that im going blind the beauty!

by Dangar89 January 17, 2010
The best funniest, prettiest, blackest, sweetest person ever. They love to hang out with people and have a great time. They are way better than the megan's and the kim's in this world. Oh and they are deathly afraid of dripping water and clowns. They also have blonde hair and blue eyes...but their black!!
Martina is so amazing. I wanna join her mafia!!!!!
by .Martinnnna.<3 December 03, 2008
Funniest, craziest, and most goofy girl you will ever meet. Her curly hair and giant boobs will make you fall in love almost immediately. Her body is incredibly fit and her 6 pack will definitely make you pop a boner. And if you're lucky enough to sack her, she has amazing talent in the bed and can go forever. Her personality is like none other and when you take your gaze off her chest you'll see that her beauty is just as good.
Carlos: Dude, that Martina is so fine. What a rockin' body!
Nick: Man I know, I can't stop looking at her boobs.
Carlos: That Martina gives me such a hard on.
by cancansmelike February 27, 2014
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