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A cool kid who's very talented and nice and stands up for people
I want to be on hatchs team
by That kid564 March 01, 2015
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a vagina
I slammed my dick into her hatch.
by anthony suarez December 16, 2003
Verb - To lose it; to get wound up over something; to be upset.
If she doesn't get her on time, I am going to hatch; or 'I will hatch if I hear another story about...
by JennJennSiren October 24, 2010
Simply, the sight of a grown man acting like a ten-year-old. Usually a man that tries to tattle on fellow peers, kisses the butt of authority (metaphorically and literally), and calls out everyone's mistakes.
Wow look at that grown man over there! He's such a Hatch.
by conner_franke September 16, 2014
When MDMA starts taking effect, usually a few hours after it's been taken, depending on how much has been consumed and if it's been mixed with other drugs.

The moment it hits you and you start to roll.
Woah, that molly I took just hatched. I feel great.
by Mary Jane is my girlfriend May 30, 2012
When a gay man gets it in the butt by a curved downward hard cock
Alex got hatched last night supposedly omg
by Blimpy2 January 11, 2010
breed, incubate, brood
by Larstait November 06, 2003

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