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Sexual arousal combined with a feeling of intimidation and uncertainty, generally provoked by powerful/forceful women who are physically attractive. "Business sexual" clothing contributes to the condition. Referenced in the TV program, "Workaholics", on Comedy Central.
Adam was being reprimanded by his boss when he experienced a fearection. Her power was both erotic and dangerous. Her threats of violence decreased, but did not stop, his desire to make sweet love to her. His friends Anders and Blake confirmed that this is a fearection.
by Rusanova May 20, 2011
The act of God himself striking fear in to your erection.
Jake: I think she just struck the fear of God straight into my Bonner.

Anders: Fearection...
by Ghoulishfoil May 09, 2011
An erection rooted in an unexpected response to the flight or fight mechanism.

Most prevalent amongst men, during inter-fistal conflict with one another.
"Look at those two guys fighting - it must be life or death, they've both got fearections!"
by Trevor Shaikin April 17, 2007
The result of someone putting the "fear of God" into your boner
Adam: "She just put the fear of God into my boner..."

Anders: "... Fearection."
by Sackattack505 May 28, 2011
Putting the fear of God into one's boner
when your boss unknowingly threatens to do some pretty sexually violent stuff to you.. and thus gives you a fear-ection, almost making you want to be late for work again.
by stillgottaboner May 28, 2011
The phallic result of a man being terrified by an attractive woman.
My Girlfriend was screaming at me about soup or something and I sprouted a massive Fearection.
by Dinosaur Hitler August 17, 2011
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