Hairstyle characterized by sweeping bangs, lack of apparent movement, and androgyny. Popularized by teen singer Justin Bieber. The sort of cultural artifact which will be mocked in 5 years, then will become temporarily fashionable again after 15-20 years. The haircut makes many people think of lesbians.
"Did you meet Kayleen's new boyfriend?"
"Yeah. I thought he'd be a redneck, but he's got a complete bieberhead."
"Like your ex-girlfriend's haircut?"
"True -- but she turned out to be a lesbian. The hairstyle was hot on her, but it's just another fad for teenagers.
by Rusanova November 05, 2010
when a male receives oral sex from another male.
My transnational trucking path through Route 66 left me so lonely and desperate that I got me some Bieberhead, while on the road from a random hitchhiker dude.
by bob riddle April 14, 2011

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