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a belly button
he was fingering his svinctor
by Ron March 08, 2003
The act of being tied up by someone and them then unleashing their gimp on you for a serious humping.
we picked up some boys and took em home and gumped em

I'm gonna give that slut a cruel gumping
by Ron April 22, 2004
Thick, heavy mud.
The road is mooky, be careful or you will lose your shoes.
by Ron February 26, 2004
Supposedly now in the OED. When asked Will Smith, who invented the word, said it was "Nuclear Cool". Taking something to next level over just being cool. Also used as an adjective, associating cool the word it modifies.
I'm getting jiggy in that dance.
by Ron February 25, 2003
Its a word that Ron created. Made, and uses.

It's also a word that is trying to be stolen by, Seana H. But its not aloud.
goober is Ron's word, stop stealing it!
by Ron May 29, 2004
A chiv is very closely related to a pikey and indeed is all pikey, a subset of pikey, if you will.

The main difference is that a chiv's favourite style of casual-wear is Burberry.

Burberry baseball caps are a favourite amongst chivs but you do see Burberry shirts, shorts, shoes etc and very rarely you may spot a truly hardcore chiv bedecked head-to-toe in Burberry....nnnnnice.

A secondary difference is that a chiv is generally more stupid and therefore more vicious than a pikey...watch out...doubly nnnnice.
Check out that chiv fool on the other side of the street in his Burberry pyjamas.

There were a bunch of proper chivs hanging by that BMW...doubt it's there anymore.
by Ron April 27, 2004
a girl who will do any sexual activities with any male.
Keneesha was just fuckin with Troy,Hov, and Mark last week. I told you she was a smut.
by Ron March 11, 2003

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