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70 definitions by Ron

The biggest pussy alive... also knows as dad
Shaun gross is definatley the dad of the group.
by Ron October 10, 2004
background: this word was born out of the fobby pacific-island-dominated (read : ghetto) high schools of new zealand.

basically if you're an eat-ass you talk too much shit.
you did what? yea whatever dick, you're a fucken eat-ass
by ron May 30, 2004
Anything outside of the city, Long Island is technically "upstate" too, at least according to people in the city like Brooklynguy. People in the city are such snobs.
I guess I live upstate then.
by Ron March 28, 2005
Big Fucking Baby

Whiny patients in a hospital who bitch about EVRY LITTLE AILMENT no matter how trivial and drive employees of said hospital INSANE.
"My toe hurts, I have a hangnail, my skin's so dry, I need another snack, I have to pee again..."

"Oh my god, what a B.F.B."
by Ron December 19, 2003
nt also can mean nothing cuz all ppl are too lazy to type the "nothing"
someone say: sup
you say : nt
by ron April 05, 2004
King of all bikes.
Man that fugger on the gixxer is fast.
by Ron October 16, 2003
one who gives rusty trombones,blumpkinswhen he isn't being fisted or biting a pillow
look at that fag he's such a waldrop
by ron September 15, 2004