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Philip is the man. TO be used when pooping. Yes it stimulates the bowls.
I am dropping a philmen.
Philmen...Now i need to poop so leave.
by Ron November 21, 2004
a woman like viki, or a woman that won't leave u alone
woman that won't leave u alone
by ron December 15, 2003
Canadian Forces term for someone who is a complete idiot ( and we are not allowed to swear at them any longer)
Example == Infantry

Usage == Look out it's the numpty boys
by Ron September 12, 2003
giving head
i got this girl to give me some heddy bo
by Ron August 27, 2003
The nacho.
Not'cho ass and not'cho balls.
by Ron December 11, 2003
Anyone who does something really lamely,as though they were retarded.
Andruw Jones is the mullet playing center for the Braves,oh look,he dropped another one.
by Ron July 11, 2003
#1 pr0 gaymer in Halo 2, no one can touch his l33t sauce.
Spaced Ace is a pr0 gaymer.
by Ron January 31, 2005

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