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70 definitions by Ron

Philip is the man. TO be used when pooping. Yes it stimulates the bowls.
I am dropping a philmen.
Philmen...Now i need to poop so leave.
by Ron November 21, 2004
2 6
A Mexican Beer - (short for " Corona")
I hope Mark has some lime wedges to go with this Rona.
by Ron September 17, 2004
29 33
a woman like viki, or a woman that won't leave u alone
woman that won't leave u alone
by ron December 15, 2003
5 9
Canadian Forces term for someone who is a complete idiot ( and we are not allowed to swear at them any longer)
Example == Infantry

Usage == Look out it's the numpty boys
by Ron September 12, 2003
10 14
giving head
i got this girl to give me some heddy bo
by Ron August 27, 2003
2 6
The nacho.
Not'cho ass and not'cho balls.
by Ron December 11, 2003
7 12
Anyone who does something really lamely,as though they were retarded.
Andruw Jones is the mullet playing center for the Braves,oh look,he dropped another one.
by Ron July 11, 2003
7 12