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lotsa whores there...better than BONER bonner guys are too busy bein an alterboy for pedophile priests and get buttraped
I go to o'hara not fagass bonner
by ron June 24, 2004
a small fistable monkey
my monkey
by ron August 24, 2003
An ignorant fuck. Usually referring to a person from Europe who thinks they know American culture by watching our media.
Someone who views Americans of all races as inferior and bastardized in language and culture.
This word has become more popular since after 9/11.
See that French lort over there.
by Ron June 06, 2003
McDonalds is doing it's part to offer each and evey customer new choices to fit their lifestyle. It is ever growing, changing, evolving into what fits the customers needs the best, while still offering the classic tastes our customers demand and love.
Mcdoanlds is you, you make McDonalds.
by Ron December 11, 2004
It's a cute little country in central europe. A lot like Austria, only much smaller.
Austria jr. if you will.
by Ron January 07, 2005
People who think Long Island is Upstate.
I guess Long Island is upstate
by Ron March 28, 2005
A college student who is a member of a fraternity. Basically, frat boys just wanna have fun and kick it with the sorority girls ;). They can be normally found in their natural habitat passed out on a bench, soccer field, couch, or in front of the Public Safety office (I aint saying nothing).
Dude, that frat boy passed out on my bed again...ahh what the fuck.
by Ron May 01, 2003

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