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Acronym= Male Male Female

A threesome with 2 men and a woman. The men are most likely bisexual.
Theres a hot new MMF video on that website.
by ron October 16, 2004
1. noun The part of a man interested in a tallyho.

2. The part of a man a tallyho could care less about.
Hey man, don't forget to bring protection for your tallywhacker when you go to a party.
by Ron April 01, 2004
reassuringly expensive
by Ron May 17, 2003
M-I-L-F Mother I'd Like to Fuck
Damn she is one hot MILF.
by Ron August 05, 2003
1. noun A woman of ill-repute who is the objet d'amor of a tallywhacker.

2. interjection. What a man yells to his tallywhacker when he sees #1 above.
1. Hey Ron, let's go down to the zone and pick up a tallyho.

by Ron April 01, 2004
War paint for birds
by Ron May 05, 2003
Cantonese. Wandering around, doing nothing at all. Killing time.
There's still two hours to go before class, let's hea in a cyber cafe.
by Ron November 08, 2003

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