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70 definitions by Ron

The act of screwing a woman that is on the rag, taking it out when finished and letting it dry on your penis.
What a great rusty rose I had after sex, she was really flowing.
by Ron November 26, 2003
After an hour of flying the auto-pilot
went "titsup" and we crashed.
by Ron May 08, 2003
a scumbag runt
that little scrunt could'nt kick my granma's ass
by ron June 17, 2003
a drunk,loaded,smacked, or high woman


cunt itself means
"Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language"
anna nicole was a crunkcunt but now that she doesn't get smacked she isn't
by Ron March 02, 2005
act of having sex. abbreviated - "pw", or "pdub". associated with "laying pipe".
i tried callin him, but i guess he was doin some pipework.

i went over to ol' girl's house to do some pipework.
by ron June 12, 2003
one who sucks much penis
philip, you're the biggest penisleech i have ever seen.
by ron May 22, 2003
Find a Vietnamese minor, preferably one with giant fucked up cheeks and pretends to be a stoner. While you're fucking her, scream out how much you hate people that speak out against you.
"I hate you, Reno! I hate you, Jae! GAHHHHHHHHHHH!"
by Ron November 28, 2004