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70 definitions by Ron

Cantonese. Wandering around, doing nothing at all. Killing time.
There's still two hours to go before class, let's hea in a cyber cafe.
by Ron November 08, 2003
162 62
War paint for birds
by Ron May 05, 2003
179 86
Acronym for "couldn't care less". Describes an issue that is so unimportant that it is not worth pursuing or discussing further; see whatever.
John: This is a bug.
Harriet: No, it's a feature. I can explain to you for three hours why it's like that.
John: CCL. Whatever.
by Ron April 10, 2003
81 13
A humorous metaphor for the human male sex organ.
Shiela's romantic advances started the rising of Waldo's one eyed trouser trout.
by Ron August 02, 2003
52 13
a person who has gorged themselves on ball-juice.
After eight hours on the street the "working girl" suddenly realized that she was quite cumdrunk.
by ron July 08, 2003
51 12
to hurt
That slap on my face really caned
by Ron April 10, 2003
128 96
n. A flatulant like expulsion of air from the Vagina. Usually, and hopefully, odorless, the beaver cough is caused by air being trapped in the Vagina by the vacuum created when penetration occurs during intercourse.

The other night when I was slam - fucking Michelle, I pulled out to nut on her face when I heard a beaver cough.
by Ron April 29, 2006
36 9