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a pimp player who has the biggest dick in the world and a joker wild
damn that guy is a jr!!

#jr #junior #isidro #guys #hamster
by tiffanyizhot13 May 03, 2008
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a cute guy who has every ones attention. He won't let you down! But has a bad attitude. Gets jealous easily.
that J.R. is so jealous!

Dude i know!
#cute #funny #mean #crazy #sweet
by kordaihouston December 29, 2011
I love jr. He's made my life everything I've ever wanted it to be. He's the most amazing guy I have ever met. Jr is someone who is always there for you. When I'm scared or alone, he says he'll be there to hold me in his arms. I love him with a deep fiery passion within my soul.
Me: Jr I'm really scared I dont think I can watch this.
Jr: I'm here and nothing can hurt you. I love you always remember that.
#lovable #buff #amazing #hot #true friend #honest #and the perfect boyfriend
by awesomo1997 April 25, 2011
he's the best guy in the world and i love him to death!!!!!! he's my hun!
hot guy who cares a bunch!
by Carly May 19, 2004
A small hit of weed from a bong or bowl. Smaller than a normal hit. (junior size hit) Usually requested after you are already plenty high but feel the urge to hit it again.
Hey man, want another binger?
Sure, I'll take a JR (aka junior)
by Binger July 19, 2004
A name used by people that have a really awful REAL name or just like being called "J.R" better than "Bubba"
What is your name? "J.R"
#junior #jr #j #jar #j.r
by sayswho? July 10, 2008
Verb; When one of your friends gets absolutely shit-hauled. Noun; Often includes sweaty dancing, chewing tobacco, constant hat turning and commonly partakes in "multi-friending"
Used as a verb; "Man i'm gonna get right JR'd tonight!"

As a noun; "Look at that guy, what a JR."
#shit faced #black out #chode #tool #creeper
by joekat June 20, 2010
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