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To have lesbian sex utilizing a turkey baster. Sometimes with the intent of becoming pregnant.
"Jen was a hurdy gurdy dirty little girlie
I heard it from a birdie she could cook a mean turkey
with gravy"
Excerpt of Lyrics from "Jane Fonda" by Mickey Avalon.

Hey Chris, I'd like to have a baby. Wanna cook a turkey with gravy tonight?
by Ron March 22, 2007
a website which one creates a personal page and links amongst others who have also created a page. such pages displays personal info, pictures, blogs, and comments of what others have to say about them. very popular within teens/young adults in high school,early college.
1.(asking)"omg! you have a myspace! can i add you!"
2.(comment for pic)"your pic looks so hot!"
3.(comment for buddy)"do i know you? oh well thanks for the add =)"
by ron April 10, 2005
an abbreviation for
anti aircraft gun
tanks carry aa guns
to take down enemy aircraft
by ron June 18, 2005
Another definition of the word slut or whore as introduced by modern day philospher/pornstar Ron Walker
Rachel Mcneil is a fuckin struffet.
Wow, look at the tits on that that struffet!
Did you know that struffet likes facials?
Get over here and give me some brain struffet.
by Ron March 23, 2005
After an hour of flying the auto-pilot
went "titsup" and we crashed.
by Ron May 08, 2003
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