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Brobbie: Proper Noun for sexy kid, prefferably of Mexican descent, as well as a Diane's baby-making slave. Cares for people.
Diane:i love you brobbie
by Robbie June 16, 2004
one who is born from its mothers ass

A.K.A. assbaby
dude i bet you that kid is an analspawn
by Robbie January 07, 2004
italian name meaning " royal silver"
Antonio bought Melissa an argento ring to shop how deep his love for her was.
by Robbie July 04, 2003
german gibberish (doesn't mean anything)
blaska vonta be flookinhimer! <--(only gibberish)
by Robbie June 03, 2004
a homosexual, mother f%$#ing, Homeless person.
that guy is no hobo, he is a hobomofo
by Robbie June 03, 2004
combination of masculine and muscular. used to describe someone of a homosexual background.
by robbie April 11, 2005
After rapid consumption of continental strengh fizzy lager the fizzback is a very real possibilty. The victim is suddenly overwhelmed by a sudden urge to chunder, which leaves no room for tactical evacuation. Luckily for the victim the chunder is gas based and can be easily passed off as a mere fizzback rather than a more socially unaceptabble public vomitting. But, be warned, if the fizzback is stifled by covering the mouth, it will escape from the nearest orrifice, most usually the nostrils, but in extreme circumstances the eyeballs.
Hours after arriving in The Dam a giddy Colonel was overcome by nasal fizzback after coming unstuck in a particularly brutal drinking session
by Robbie February 26, 2005
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