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86 definitions by Robbie

(n.) the act shaving someone's head, then dunking their head in a bucket of feces so that they're absence of hair is covered by a makeshift "shit-wig." The act of shitwigging is most often and easily performed on the massey . his slothlike behavior and incomparable laziness make him an easy target for a daily shitwigging.
Did you see Robbie gave the Massey another shitwig?
Yeah, I'll bet that tingled...doesn't that make 6 times this week?
by Robbie February 15, 2005
21 5
1. vi/vt. To hide contraband in one's anus.

2. n. One who hides contraband in his anus.
If you want cigs, see Johnny -- that keister bunny's got a veritable Bodega stashed up there.
by Robbie October 24, 2004
44 30
beyond super AND fabulous...it's SUPERBULOUS!
Those pants are SUPERBULOUS!
I had a superbulous day.
My you have a superbulous rack.
Mmmmmm...this margarita is superbulous.
by Robbie May 04, 2004
43 29
To provide transportation for: to drive by and pick up.
Yo Dave -- can ya bend that corner for me, dogg?
by Robbie October 24, 2004
31 20
when one presses his scrotum against a glass door, having an audience on the other side of the door watch it expand to the size of a pancake; leaves a sweaty and/or greasy residue on said window
"Dude, Alan, bust a pancake sac on the window or I'll give you a Cleveland Steamer! Gosh!"
by Robbie November 12, 2004
15 5
When you take your ballsack and grab all the excess sack and mush it together so it looks like chewed gum.
jesuswuzANAL ien (11:07:52 PM): want my chewed gum?
Dragonflies197 (11:08:00 PM): nah, i'm chewing on my own
by Robbie December 06, 2003
12 3
A person with sexual attachment to Males, Females, Shims, Animals and furniture.
"Dude Jon is a furanatrisexual, of course he likes your dog."
by Robbie August 15, 2006
12 5