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A tenured Economics professor.
Pretrial discovery is beginning -- have we hired a shitwig yet?
by hoze November 23, 2003
(n.) the act shaving someone's head, then dunking their head in a bucket of feces so that they're absence of hair is covered by a makeshift "shit-wig." The act of shitwigging is most often and easily performed on the massey . his slothlike behavior and incomparable laziness make him an easy target for a daily shitwigging.
Did you see Robbie gave the Massey another shitwig?
Yeah, I'll bet that tingled...doesn't that make 6 times this week?
by Robbie February 15, 2005
Someone who has a bad haircut.
Oi, Shitwig. What you up to tonight?
(Usually used when refering to mates)
by Dave August 13, 2003
Typically a caucasian male claiming hippy rastafarian decent usually very thin and janky between the ages of 29 and 35. They usually fantasizes about bestiality and young males, they are sometimes employed as a tattoo artist.
John is the only shit wig I know.
by Ty Sparks November 15, 2006
Awfully bad barnet, often referred to as 'Shitus Wiggus' or 'Wiggy'.

Seen most often on professional footballers, or lesbians.

Think the term eminates from Russia where people would often cover their head in shite in order to improve their look.
That is one badass shitwig, you should cut your barnet
by Lambo November 24, 2003
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