86 definitions by Robbie

A term gargled out in amidst suspense
Billy: dude! did you see that guys head...it got chopped off!

Tim: bleemahndi!
by Robbie July 24, 2004
When a toothbrush is forcefully shoved up your rectum. You like the feel so you start to bounce up and down.

The bristly end is inserted up the anus.
Robbie has toothbrush sex every night.
by Robbie July 16, 2004
The leader chicken in a group of chickens. The dominant chicken in a group of Chickens.
That chicken in the corner of the room is the Chikamunga of the group.
by Robbie June 03, 2004
acronym for "only a friend" - a guy who will do just about anything with an attractive woman, short of anything sexual.

hence, his status of being "only a friend".
"...oh you mean that hot babe talking with Dave over there? don't worry dude,they're not a couple. you can still try to score with her....he's just an oaf!"
by Robbie May 14, 2005
To treat someone poorly.
I sincerely apologize for doing you greasy by sodomizing your bitch.
by Robbie October 24, 2004
refering to Arnold Shwartzanegar who is not the govoner of California but because he is best known for playing "The Terminator" thus govonader was created.
(arnold's voice) i am aaanold shwazaneega! i am da govonator! die! burn! wahahah!
by Robbie June 03, 2004
The same definition as 'Bison' except larger, but not quite as large as 'Zison'.
My Cock is Bison.
My Ego is Mison.
Your fanny is Zison.
by Robbie May 13, 2004
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