86 definitions by Robbie

When parting away from. To say when leaving.
"Aduer." "And off he goses."
by Robbie March 22, 2005
To treat someone poorly.
I sincerely apologize for doing you greasy by sodomizing your bitch.
by Robbie October 24, 2004
When your doing your girl in da butt after u finish jizzing u pull out and smack her in the face with your poopy dick.
Last night I gave your mom a hot smack!!!
by Robbie February 04, 2004
A stud muffin, a horny guy, a tart, a great lover see also pervert
My god hes a bit of a djsgc
by Robbie July 23, 2003
A young man who decides to be a fag by touching other boys lunch boxes, when they them selves have forgoten their own lunch boxes. Not only do they have a craving for other boys lunch, but they also like it up the butt by Senior'o Fagmeisters.
!. Dallas
2. Senior'o Fragmeister
3. Mr. Blackburn
by Robbie February 10, 2003
a ghetto Butt.
Look at her badonkadonk!
by Robbie June 03, 2004
qX is a hacking program designed and operated by qX productions.
I cracked this dude with qX.
by Robbie November 03, 2004
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