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A person who discrimiates based on age..usually an old dude or a dumb blonde
C: "Yo, check out I pierced my ear"
A: "Eww, you are old and that looks gay"
C: "Dude, you are such an ageist"
by R March 22, 2005
An acronym for Lick My Cunt, commonly used on the internet.
"LMC, beeeeatch!" Said the jealous girl with oral herpes.
by R October 17, 2004
A group of small rodents, famous for mass migrations where huge numbers of them will move from place to place, sometimes ending in all of them drowning.
In the game "Lemmings", if you're not careful, all the lemmings will walk right off the cliff and go Splat or drown.
by R September 04, 2003
to hang ones balls out of their pants and walk around with them hanging out like that
"i was hanging brains over john and we took a picture to use as black mail."
by R November 20, 2003
To be half Jamaican and half Asian.
I'm half Jamaican and half Chinese, Jamasian.
by R June 19, 2006
A man/woman who is gangsta, a thug, a strong man.
That guy is diesed! He's crazy!
by R January 06, 2005
A dotcom blog where correct spelling is optional, even while calling others stupidddd.
Someone who has risen to the position of President of the United States of America called stupid by people that can't spell.
by r March 10, 2005

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