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To be half Jamaican and half Asian.
I'm half Jamaican and half Chinese, Jamasian.
by R June 19, 2006
Originated from the breeding of Thomas Dawson. The crossing between a Jamaican and someone of Asian. The term is officially used now to refer to splooging on someone's face.
Dude i just jamaized all over your face.

Last night i was jamasian all over Nick Miehl's face for atleast 20 minutes
by Nicholas Miehl January 18, 2009
Having heritage of black jamaican and Asian backgrounds.
She was half Pakistani, and half Jamaican , that girl is jamasian.
via giphy
by JamasianQueenRaphaela June 14, 2016
An asian person who grew up in jamaica or the carribean.
I'm a fly ass jamasian.

Q. Damn, where yo bitch from?
A. She fuckin jamasian, dawg.
by omoshima May 27, 2003
hot asian guy from jamaica.
1. there's only one true jamasian and his name is doowan

2. lady's man, who? oh.. that jamasian!

3. jamasian, omg. he's so sexy!
by doowan May 30, 2003
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