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Alternative exclamation to butterfingers.
"Good lord, I've spilled piping hot gravy over myself"
by R December 30, 2003
A sandwich that consists primarily of government cheese and Jewish rye bread.
Damn.. I'm so hungry I could eat a Saint-Amour.
by R January 21, 2005
Gaydrian is a man who has embraced the habits of a gay man but has not openly admitted that he’s gay. Much like a Metro Sexual, he spends more time in the bathroom, more money on hair & skin products, goes to the salon more, and has more culinary & interior decorating knowledge than most women.
Upon returning from Bed Bath and Beyond, Gadrian indulged in a glass of wine and sat down to watch his favorite shows "The O.C." and "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy".
by R January 21, 2005
It's the ultimate in economical eating.
Nearly starving to death, the vagrant used his last bit of charity change to buy a Saint-Amour sandwich, and a side of soup at the corner deli.
by R January 27, 2005
to be dorky in scandalous proportion
when they went to the restaurant they ordered scandalorky potatoes
by r January 24, 2004
the state of louisiana
I'm headin down to da boot for da mardi gras
by r January 17, 2003
Now it is used kinda like WTF?!?!?!?
Person 1: gfhfgjghhdfhkgjfkgjsdfifhdsj
Person 2: w00t?
Person 1: w00t!
Person 2: Ok then I will walk away
by r June 22, 2005

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