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Wagging My Finger. Used when someone does something wrong, embarrasses themselves or just doing anything that would require you to wag your finger at them. See also SMH.
This dude knows he's wasted and she's stone sober, and has a boyfriend. So why would he embarrass himself and keep throwing himself at her, WMF
by The Goldfather August 31, 2009
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wagging my finger

used in the same situations as smh. Because who actually shakes their head in disapproval anyway?
Who still uses smh?? wmf
by osiron23 July 20, 2011
Acronym for Waking My Family, rapidly becoming an internet colloquialism. It generally suggests an overly-humourous conversation.
hahaha dude please this is too hilarious, you're making me laugh so loud i'm wmf.
by Zhe August 15, 2006
Acronym for With My Family.
Niggaz know they can't stay with the team so they sell-out. But me imma stay WMF.
by Miq_3000LWA April 27, 2015
Stands for What's More Fun....mostly used in a sarcastic context
Going to school tomorrow WMF
by MoHallway August 26, 2012
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