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Hot White Cock. A male Sex organ that seem's pleasing in lenght and girth.
man look at that HWC
by r March 14, 2005
Beat of a song; Background music.
Also used as "mentals"
The mental on that song is fire.
by R November 29, 2004
A person who is large due to an obsessive eating of McDonalds and 100% pure lard
Person1: Let's go to McDonalds
Person2: Cool, let's get FAT
Person3: Hell no, I don't want to be fat

*Person1 dies of a heart attack at 29 years of age*
*Person2 dies of liver damage at the age of 37*
*Person3 dies of old age at the age of 107*
by R April 16, 2006
for one thing katopolis square enix is far from being bankrupt and final fantasy is by far a better series in all aspects. i wiold know i make a living playing games
chrono cross is not as good as the final fantasy series but it is not bad in general
by r March 01, 2005
a booty that's hoochie on the outside and coochie on the inside
I want some of that hoochie coochie booty.
by r October 12, 2003
A ghetto where you will either be stabbed, eaten, runover, buried, shot, beat up or killed.
"I can't read I can't write but i can still go far coz im from LUTON and I can nick your car"

"I don't wanna go to luton"

"In luton teenage pregnancies are up by 1,500%"

"Hi irm form loo'on i can' 'alk 'ell coz' i' no' eduka'ed
by R May 08, 2005
A word derived from imature. There was a kru called the imy kru with graffiti all over the place.

IMY has a kool krib and lots of hos
Imy is for life mother fucker
by R May 08, 2005

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