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A freaky monster from the Bleach manga. A Hollow is a fallen spirit that is born from a regular spirit (plus) that has lingered in the living world after death too long. After awhile, a plus (especially a lonely and desperate one) degenerates into a Hollow. Hollows are huge, freakish monsters with strange masks that hide their identity. They seek out other spirits and humans in order to satisfy their loneliness by eating their souls.
That Hollow just came out of nowhere!
by hanatarou March 17, 2005
139 85
Female who had the potential to become a canyon
"She's not a canyon, yet she's not a death star trench run"

"I just turned Chloe's hollow into a Canyon"
by AlexAggro October 25, 2009
87 50
empty,or not filled
I found a note in a bottle that saided your head is hollow if you are reading this
by Xboxophobia December 31, 2010
35 16
a bullet with a hollow head, or a slight depression before the tip, causing a large and painfull exit wound
watch how them hollows straight rattle ya ----.
by atowneightynizzle November 12, 2003
80 67
Ghetto slang for hollow point bulletz
(African Gang Member) Nigga, keep talkin dat shit, I'll fill you wit dem hollows.
by Your Crack Dealer January 27, 2009
17 8
empty inside
a drum is hollow
by soup-time-at-marys111 August 05, 2010
13 11
A rolled cigarette that contains pipe tobacco, producing a fantastic aroma, flavor and overall smoking experience.
Oh, dear comrade, please join me in the smoking lounge for a hollow as we bask in its aroma and converse of the beauties of the cosmos.
by Smoke Better December 13, 2009
7 9