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1. A small and pretty taint.
Her daint was so soft and delicate, she made me scrub my tongue before licking it!
by TheDalaiLummox August 21, 2010
A word pronounced in response when informed of or witness to another's misfortune.

An expression of sympathy or schadenfreude depending entirely on the inflection.
..and then I locked myself out the house leaving the dinner to catch fire to the kitchen..

Well you know what they say about that.


by dave_daints April 14, 2009
A Combination of the words 'do not' and 'aint'.
can have the same meaning as either.
Often used by hicks.
"I dain't not none hick."
"Dain't do that."
"Dain't even start."

"Did you see her hair cut?"
"No I dain't."
by Laura Morash November 11, 2006
1) i didn't do that(yam yam style).
2) didn't u.
GUY 1: daint u fell on the floor at lunch time.
GUY 2: NO I DAINT!!!!!!!!!!
GUY 3: did you'm have a nice fall!

by random yamyam July 06, 2012
A contraction of did not and is not.
To be strongly opposed to in the past tense.
"Yo, Tyrone tried to rob your momma!"
"Oh no he da'in't!"
by tyronewillisthesecond December 20, 2011
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