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Often thought to be said by asian people when they describe things that they would like you to consider to be high quality in order to make the most out of a deal. It usually is something really cheap and dirty sold at a high price.

On certain imageboards/textboards it is also used together with VIP to form a special form of anti-quality known as "VIP-quality".
Western customer: *Looks at the modified Trabant* "This car is a bit expensive..."
Asian: *Jumps at him* "Iz not! Iz guud kworitee cah! Have wan self! Beri beri guud! Buy, yeees. Kworitee."
by Quakeulf April 13, 2010
(noun) The true evil among butts!

Comes in mostly darker shades with loose, mushy skin and has a foul smell reminiscent of flatulence and a freshly decayed corpse.
I pounded her monsterbutt with my 9 inch nail until we could hear the birds sing in the morning.
by Quakeulf January 13, 2006
The fun thing you play when trying to get the VHS to work.
If it's not working now, JVC is dead.
by Quakeulf February 03, 2004
(noun) It is not just your regular butt, but an astonishing ULTRAbutt! It takes every feature of a butt and makes it as extreme as possible to complete an ultrabutt.
Your puny butt is nothing compared to my ultrabutt!
by Quakeulf January 13, 2006
A very hairy black man.
The negroyeti is said to exist somewhere in Africa, though few people have actually seen it.
by Quakeulf January 13, 2006
To hit back.

When you are clogging the toilet with your massive, brown logs of divine terror, the brown water that splashes up on your butt and balls is known as a "backfire".
Dayum, that shit really backfired.
by Quakeulf October 30, 2005
In the middle of a crowd jamal suddenly found himself with a bad case of the spug.
by Quakeulf July 25, 2009

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