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To turn something into something with negrotic features.

Someone who negrofies something is a negrofier.

This word, although not well known, is featured in the Japanese-English dictionary "Readers' Plus" by Kenkyuusha.
AfricanAnime used to negrofy anime characters for wallpaper usage.
by Quakeulf October 30, 2005
A water buffalo.
Dude 1: }:3 }:3 }:3
Dude 2: Sure is a lot of water buffalos around here.
Dude 1: >:3
Dude 2: Jesus Christ, and a lion!
Dude 1: >:3~
Dude 2: YARRRGH!
by Quakeulf October 14, 2008
Is what Tanizaki Yukari calls Kurosawa Minamo in Azumanga Daioh.
Oi, Nyamo!
by Quakeulf January 19, 2004
The alternative way of writing Deadpool, a character from the Mahvel Univeérs.
(After watching X-men origins: Wolverine)

Dude 1: That wasn't Deadpool!
Dude 2: Dudepeel! Dudepeel! HUEHUAHUEHUA!!!
Dude 1: Hell yeah!


Movie producer: lol I trol u
by Quakeulf May 01, 2009
The more relaxed version of X3, it's what follows X3 naturally. After the initial reaction to something it's what you can use to show you are just chillin'. It has a couple of variations like >K3 and K3~.

It is not to be confused with the KKK.
What's this? :3 (Curiosity)
Hmmm? =3 (Eagerness)
Lol wut X3 (Happily surprised)
Aaaaw, that's so sweet K3 (Playing it cool)
by Quakeulf April 28, 2008
When you do something utterly stupid you aren't even aware of, in a situation where your preferences are very much out of place.
<+Quakeulf> Onderhond: It's an universal rule that CS, trance and bimbo-porn fits together in a holy triangle
<Hamilton> Quake, so? you're friends, my cousin listens to rap and plays CS, me, I listen to R&B
<+Quakeulf> They're all equally as awful
<~Onderhond> Hamilton ...
<+Quakeulf> Self-ownage
by Quakeulf May 17, 2004
A portmanteau of harem and anime.
Love Hina is a stereotypical harime.
by Quakeulf October 05, 2007

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