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What you need to perform a check on in order to have sex.
"She loaded up her booty, but my floppy was too big for her tiny USB-slot."
by Quakeulf February 03, 2004
Doggy style performed by a man on a dog.

The act of surprise sexing your bastard dog.
Example of muttrape:

Man: Oh yeah baby!
Dog: Hooooooooooooooowl!
by Quakeulf January 13, 2006
If you don`t understand it,
ridicule it!
American humor could be as follows:

"Haha! Look at those japs carrying that big, pink penis around in the streets! What retards! Who would do anything as stupid as that?"

by Quakeulf January 24, 2006
Den Norske Bank

The Norwegian name for "The Norwegian Bank", which has been around longer than the genre of music.
I went to DNB last night to withdraw some money.
by Quakeulf January 15, 2006
(noun) A cute way of expressing semen!
"Deck the halls with creamy seamen,
falalalah, lala lalah!"
by Quakeulf January 15, 2006
Meaning the path north.
"So where do we go from here?"

"I`d say we go Norge!"
by Quakeulf January 15, 2006
1) No penis.
2) Niggah please.
3) No pants.
1) Check out that guy, he's got NP.
2) NP! Don't gimme that shit!
3) Look at her, she's got NP.
by Quakeulf February 03, 2004

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