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1.grow or develop well
2.kris sproull
3.being excited over something
kris sproull thrives hard!!
by Curtis Hall August 02, 2004
The word 'thrive' originates from a central auckland crew commonly known as the 'Ultimate Thrivers'.
This prestigous bunch of people developed the word during many drunk nights and good times.

It has many meanings but generally donates fun, success, happiness and good times.
Jamins one thriving mutha fucka
by Ben August 03, 2004
Many have heard of, but few have witnessed such ultimate power. Everybody has the thrive within them, although, in some it is stronger.
Thrive: Adj, Noun, Verb
*To experience extreme joy and complete satisfaction.
*To promote an endless quantity of happiness.
*Total satisfaction.
The way some females walk doust thrive.
Blaitant and uncontrollable laughter is an obvious result of thriving.
If I were to walk into a room and scream obscene language and interrupt someone from singing "parcel the parcel" would be an example of minor thrivage.
*See also: "thriving" "thriveage" "dethrive" "thrivle"
by Kris Sproull August 04, 2004
It is a feeling of sure bliss.
the word gets used around, and confused but the late 09 "thrivers" of st.albans.

Is also used in friday, as thriveday.
it is a describing word.

origins are way back from small underground bands such a dividing the line.
tonight will be thriving

i am on the thrive
by keeping the thrive alive , tss March 28, 2009
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