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28 definitions by PG

A viscous whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa and consisting of secretions of the testes, seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands.
"She swallowed my spoonta"
"I would love to fill her with my spoonta"
by PG November 13, 2003
Likened to a malignant pustule slowly spreading its dirty filth across a serene plain, Pureghetto exists as a plague upon the otherwise joyful and peace-loving members of humanity. His visage is known to few, and tales of crying babies and terrified women spread with his journeys. Known also by his alias PG or PeeGee, Pureghetto journeys from message board to message board spreading his own particularly foul stench of spam and incoherency.
Pureghetto, you're fat

Pureghetto, you're the sexiest man ever

I hate Pureghetto!

Damn you PG!

Damn you PeeGee!
by PG October 08, 2004
the act of having a bowel movement in your neighbors yard.
Wow, Mr. Jones was pissed when he saw me gettin the corn out by his mailbox.
by pg April 22, 2005
A pseudonym of Pureghetto
PeeGee, you're fat!

PeeGee, go to hell!
by PG October 08, 2004
Another name for the arsehole.
Fun to say to strippers: "Show us ya mudbutton!"
by PG November 13, 2003
Another name for marijuana, or the act of smoking it. Also, "wooster" is a term used to describe someone who smokes alot of woost.
"Man, are you keen to chuck in for some woost?"
"Anyone up for a woost?"
"Man, Diego is the biggest wooster!"
by PG November 13, 2003
Act of masturbation by a male.
"I'm so keen to have a sparrot when I get home"
"I haven't sparroted in days"
by PG November 13, 2003