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its used to describe the favorite, mostly in betting and gambling
the patriots have been the chalk in the NFL for several years
by pballman117 November 20, 2005
The expected outcome, especially in a sporting event. Derived from, "you can chalk that up right now, we don't even have to see it."
My NCAA sweet sixteen bracket was chalk.
by Steven Borbash April 11, 2005
London expression for coke (cocaine)
That's mighty fine chalk you've managed to acquire from Bristol.
by Dan Fox June 19, 2003
Military term for an aircraft load. More specifically a group of airborne soldiers which deploy from a single aircraft or platoon sized unit for air-assault operations.
"I'm placing you in charge of chalk #4, soldier!"
by brokenmyth July 18, 2009
Another word born in Cheltenham High School meaning any of the following:
1) to blow something off
2) to damage, destroy, or hurt someone/something
3) to ignore or disregard
4) to take it like a boss
"Yo man, aren't you supposed have a date with your girl tonight?"
"Yea, whatever... I'm chalkin it to go see this other chick."

"Damn, i don't remember learning any of this. I'm about to chalk the shit outta this math test."

"My car got all chalked up from the accident i got in."

"He pissed me off so i chalked the mess outta him."

"You be aight. Just chalk it up bro."

"I'm real tired... i think i'ma chalk school today."
by truelu March 04, 2010
A derogatory term used for a 'dusty' guy, usually one lacking any wheels, or is just in general, someone who is very uncool.

This is a thinly concealed racist term, deriving from "Choc," a slang term for a black person.
"Adrianna's dating a complete chalk, you can definitely outwheel him."

"Look at those dusty chalks at the club hitting on those girls."

"Popped collar? What a chalk!
by balbir December 06, 2011
1. A hard, white, powdery substance traditionally used to write on slate panels and other hard surfaces. CaCO3, calcium carbonate.

2. To mark, as with chalk.

3. To meet a mark or level fully; to be full to a limit.

4. To attribute to someone or some thing.
1) Please select a piece of chalk and write your name on the chalkboard. This is your first warning.
2) I'll just chalk a picture here on the sidewalk.
3) That barrel is chalk full of grain.
4) You can just chalk that up to the devil's handiwork.
by ninjamanzz September 03, 2012
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