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Can be used in a number ways and have varied meanings.
1. To pull a chick
2. To get something for someone
3. Going out/tuning a girl
1. "Did you chalk up that chick last night?, she was toe"
2. "Oi, chalk us up a beer can ya?"
3. "Yeh I'm chalking her up these days", "I've been chalking her, but I'm not getting to far"
by PG November 13, 2003
The female genital organs.
"Have you seen that pic of Paris Hilton getting out of the car with her spadge out?"

Spadge of honour.
by PG November 13, 2003
Someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex
"That dude is the biggest hommus!"
"Did you hear Jnr Fat is a hommus these days?"
by PG November 13, 2003
Verb, go to the pub. Derived from the Duke of Wellington, a Hotel in New Lambton, Oz.
"Are you duking it tonight?"
"Duking Friday? Dress code: elegantly wasted"
by PG November 13, 2003
An affectionate perjorative applied to an individual who is out of his or her element usually due to carelessness instead of contrivance.

Chiefs announce themselves through actions instead of words: by taking ownership of or authoriy over topics outside their bailiwick OR by dressing or decorating oneself or one's surroundings in a manner that is not suited to one's habits.

Contrast with poseur, who has dubious purposes. The Chief is characterized by haplessness and poses no threat to anyone except him or herself.
Carson Daily is an extraordinary chief.

I picked up a tourist from the bus station. The chief was there with his hip-pack on looking at a vending machine.
by pg April 18, 2005
1. The arsehole.
2. Jonothan Brinkley
1. "I'd love to fuck her in the dot!"
2. "Where's dot tonight?"
by PG November 13, 2003
A cask of wine, preferably 4 Litres and out of the packaging or box.
"I'm gonna get on the sac tonight!"
"Anyone one up to go halves in a sac with me?"
"...Fuck I drunk some sac last night"
by PG November 13, 2003

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