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See hommus. A homosexual/poof.
"Do you rekon that guy is a hommice?"
by PG November 13, 2003
Another name for marijuana, or the act of smoking it. Also, "wooster" is a term used to describe someone who smokes alot of woost.
"Man, are you keen to chuck in for some woost?"
"Anyone up for a woost?"
"Man, Diego is the biggest wooster!"
by PG November 13, 2003
Chase's Rack Is Nice
I love the C.R.I.N. so much.
by PG December 02, 2004
Any "thing which must not be spoken of".
Omg..I have salami, but it's a toothbrush.
by PG May 28, 2004
Based on Harry Cooper's new vet Chris Brown and his complete lack of testosterone and/or heart. The original English word lame was compounded with Brown's surname forming the adj. listed above.
"Come out tonight!, Don't be so lown!!!...you cunt!!!"
by PG November 14, 2003
Ghostarrogant was invented when a need to have a more urbane term for bukakke for usage in a more polite message forum arised. It is simply a synonym used to avoid the real term.
Boy I sure do love ghostarrogant porn! Those asian chicks get all covered with semen and what not!
by PG July 28, 2004
a bunch of richies that hang in the streets of southport (only the prude ones)
hey southport crew, why don't we hang at the driftwood.
by PG December 02, 2004

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