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28 definitions by PG

Act of masturbation by a male.
"I'm so keen to have a sparrot when I get home"
"I haven't sparroted in days"
by PG November 13, 2003
7 5
See hommus. A homosexual/poof.
"Do you rekon that guy is a hommice?"
by PG November 13, 2003
0 0
Chase's Rack Is Nice
I love the C.R.I.N. so much.
by PG December 02, 2004
2 3
Any "thing which must not be spoken of".
Omg..I have salami, but it's a toothbrush.
by PG May 28, 2004
19 21
Based on Harry Cooper's new vet Chris Brown and his complete lack of testosterone and/or heart. The original English word lame was compounded with Brown's surname forming the adj. listed above.
"Come out tonight!, Don't be so lown!!!...you cunt!!!"
by PG November 14, 2003
8 10
Ghostarrogant was invented when a need to have a more urbane term for bukakke for usage in a more polite message forum arised. It is simply a synonym used to avoid the real term.
Boy I sure do love ghostarrogant porn! Those asian chicks get all covered with semen and what not!
by PG July 28, 2004
2 7
a bunch of richies that hang in the streets of southport (only the prude ones)
hey southport crew, why don't we hang at the driftwood.
by PG December 02, 2004
6 12