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Likened to a malignant pustule slowly spreading its dirty filth across a serene plain, Pureghetto exists as a plague upon the otherwise joyful and peace-loving members of humanity. His visage is known to few, and tales of crying babies and terrified women spread with his journeys. Known also by his alias PG or PeeGee, Pureghetto journeys from message board to message board spreading his own particularly foul stench of spam and incoherency.
Pureghetto, you're fat

Pureghetto, you're the sexiest man ever

I hate Pureghetto!

Damn you PG!

Damn you PeeGee!
by PG October 08, 2004
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A very gross individual, who spreads his spam and calls people fat in forums all over then net. It is almost impossible to have a normal discussion with him, but he is very well liked at the same time. To him, you are just fat and ugly. XD
Pureghetoo pwned you, biotch, aZn PrIdE! xD
by DBP October 14, 2004
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