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205 definitions by Octopod

Pals, accused of being so close they have become fudge packers.
John Kerry and the Breck girl weren't exactly asshole buddies until Kerry bit his tongue and chose him for Veep.
by octopod July 11, 2004
Another PC term for sentiments and practices that don't fit someone's abstract model of perfection. In this case, refers negatively to any distinction made on the basis of age. See racism, sexism, lookism, etc.
Daddy, I wanna drive!
But you're only three!
Ageist bastard!
* * *
The senile old fool ran over a dog and a hydrant. Shouldn't they take away his license?
That's pure ageism, you bigoted fuckhead!
by octopod November 30, 2003
Middle school pastime of pulling out the back of a girl's bra and yelling "Robin Hood!"
He did a Robin Hood at the wrong time and ended up in the Principal's office.
by octopod November 24, 2003
A tribunal where their ain't no justice.
Bankruptcy Court is such a kangaroo court, the judges' robes come with a pocket in front.
by Octopod November 06, 2003
Method of assassination, in which the throat is slit and the victim's tongue is pulled through the cut, thus creating the impression of a grotesque cravat.
They found five Albanians in the ditch being devoured by wild dogs; each had a Serbian necktie.
by octopod February 21, 2008
An automatic camera.
Push here, dummy!
by Octopod November 09, 2003
Low-class, trailer trash fuckhead.
Goddam dirtback, your mangy pit bull shat on my lawn again!
by Octopod November 08, 2003