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a word french women use when having sex

also- the french word for 'yes'
oui! the french woman screamed during sex
by tom38 November 24, 2009
1) French for yes.
2) Al Bhed for you.
1) Oui.
2) Oui yna tisp.
by rtsmarty February 29, 2004
Tired of everything and bored, might be feeling sleepy.
1/5 of tiredness, 4/5 of sianess.
by OuiBoy November 01, 2010
The French word for yes

Often used by smelly, egotistical bullshitting brown nosing chefs. most of which are called Richard
Richard: oui!

Everyone else: oh no, not that smelly cunt again
by Anonymous11117643 October 23, 2013

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