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Non-English person, especially if swarthy or darker. Most often used for (former) colonials.
"Wogs begin at Calais."
by octopod May 22, 2004
One who cravenly does another's bidding, a metaphorical butt boy.
The Left calls Tony Blair "George Bush's poodle."
by octopod November 23, 2003
A llama, q.v. From Spanish "Number one!"
My llama, Numero Uno, is smooth and soft.
Pay me in advance.
by octopod December 01, 2003
Cunt, pussy, vagina, poozle.
Ah, up yer mudda's keek!
by octopod December 06, 2003
(British) Tell Jean-Pierre here to pick up the soap. See cheese-eating surrender monkeys.
You British, you are soo vool-GAIRE!
Ahh, sod the Frogs.
by octopod November 23, 2003
A purportedly humorous cult of Southern women given to vulgar displays at local agrarian parades.
She became a complete Sweet Potato Queens groupie, and soon after lost her reason.
by octopod November 05, 2003
Another PC term for sentiments and practices that don't fit someone's abstract model of perfection. In this case, refers negatively to any distinction made on the basis of age. See racism, sexism, lookism, etc.
Daddy, I wanna drive!
But you're only three!
Ageist bastard!
* * *
The senile old fool ran over a dog and a hydrant. Shouldn't they take away his license?
That's pure ageism, you bigoted fuckhead!
by octopod November 30, 2003

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