34 definitions by Nat

1. To travel from place to place in a recreational vehicle.

2. To Go RVing.
I can't wait to do some gorving this summer, man!
by nat February 02, 2005
(antonym ~ greb !)
shop in shitty sports shops and find it amusing to pretend to be overly drunk.
Call male goths, grebs and skaters things such as "bummer boys" and "gays", though realistically they are the ones paying money to see men run around a football pitch in shorts.
Would rather be regarded as the lesser intelligent race due to an inability to pronounce the letters "g" and "t" and have problems when putting spaces in between words such as "in" and "it".
Main aim in life is to get pregnant before it is legal, or GET someone pregnant before it is legal.
Listen to distasteful music which is indistinguishable and write inane rubbish on toilet doors such as how they love question marks.
Mcdonalds employee or proud owner of a ford escort
by nat November 30, 2004
very near the mark, but not quite there
His shot in the dying seconds to win the game was proximacious
by Nat July 31, 2003
a person who is absolutely completely stupid and has no idea what is going on; this person is a rapist and is so desperate he would even do it with a basketball; has an IQ of 0.2; an aingogo has 5 marriages and 10 kids with 10 different women (poor girls)
he is such an aingogo and even the prostitute won't help him!
by nat February 09, 2005
a weird creature that skips alot and is gay
oh man ur such a baldwino
by nat November 09, 2003
1. When dancheck tries to emulate a chef.
How did the chicken turn out, danchef?
by nat January 30, 2005
clinging onto a dong, according to dan.
Dude quit clonging onto dan :|
by nat October 23, 2004

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