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sophia the greek
shit man ur muddy
by nat November 09, 2003
one of the best punk rock bands ever though american idiot is not htere best album
green day fucking rocks
by nat March 21, 2005
1) when a girl gives a guy the "i want your penis look".
2) when someone is zoned out and looks directly at you but right through you
1) mary was horny and gave me the skunk eye
2) he was so stupid he gave everyone the skunk eye
by nat February 15, 2004
along with her sister kylie, the biggest embarrassments our country australia, has ever produced
australia is ashamed of kylie and danii,
oh man ur such a dannii
by nat November 16, 2003
1.Verb. Violent way to fingerbang a dirty chick by using two fingers and enter and exit her with ferocious intent in a motion like a lumberjack sawing a log. Works best to get your shoulder into it.
2.lumberjacking is the act of taking your penis and slapping it across someone's face when they are or arent sleeping
1.Dude man, i totally gave that swamp donkey from the bar last night a real kori.
2.HAHAHA last night Ross gave you a Kori and it left a red mark on ur face! LOL
by Nat March 20, 2005
1. When a girl flactuates (farts) out of her vagina.
2. another word for extremely long pubic hair
1. omgz i just like TOTALLY let a kori go. .. EWWWZ girlfriend!
2.hahaha your hair iss like kori!!!!!
by nat March 19, 2005

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