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34 definitions by nat

A drink available in a variety of flavors, mixed as a powder with water and sometimes sugar. Anyone growing up struggling financially, ergo living in the projects, would know that kool aid is not described by flavor, but by color, with the exception of grape. see below.
bb: ay white boy, want some kool aid?
wb: sure, what flavors you got?
bb: we got red, blue, and grape
wb: what flavor is red?
bb: its red.
wb: is it cherry?
bb: damn, i said it's red! do you want it or not?
by nat April 19, 2004
1868 285
The ubiquitous $20 bills spewed out of ATMs everywhere. Often used when trying to split the bill after a meal.
We owe $8 each, but all anybody's got are yuppie food stamps.
by Nat February 13, 2000
102 16
a) pointlesswasteoftime.com

b) a popular, inclusive forum that is brutal to newbs
The forums at PWOT totally owned me when I posted a stupid newb introductory thread the other day.
by Nat July 22, 2004
102 20
A 100% comercial capitalist organisation that sells people crap instead of food. People still buy it, though, because they're stupid and want to play with the little and useless toys they give with happy meals. Actually, it's a hidden alien organisation that wants to take over the world, and it seems to be doing very well at it.
by Nat July 28, 2003
92 76
lead singer and guitar player in the best band ever Green Day he is the sexiest man alive
billie joe plays the guiatar and has the best voice ever
by nat March 09, 2005
54 45
a man who is such a puss that he acts like a douche. a man-douche
hes so whipped hes a mouche
by nat February 15, 2004
17 14
a wannabe gangsta..NOT a whit gangsta.
Ja Rule is a WAKNSTA 50 cent is a true GANGSTA.
by Nat April 15, 2003
10 7