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In School Suspension, or "Independent Studie s"... which I am in right now for a poorly drawn penis on the chalk board in my Algebra II class.
I dislike this school.
by LarstaiT May 20, 2004
A forum where the populace consists of 10-13 year olds. The website is basically a reject version of Niketalk. Users often debate on why their voice are changing, why little coils of hair are growing in private places, acne medication, a detailed step-to-step guide on how to kiss, the "birds and the bees" talk, official what elementary school do you go to post, how to convince parents to buy $300 pair of shoes, and etc.

Here is a compilation of the "characters" on I.S.S.:
1. LatinFusion aka Bobblehead, No Neck, or Emo Spic
2. Shortyrockjayz aka Never Walked , Snorlaxrockjayz, Smelly Fat Pussy, or All My Jordans Never Crease Cuz My Feet Provides The Stuffing (Basically she is fat as shit.)
3. b ! o h a z R D aka AzN fAgGoT.
4. That Spanish girl who wears her glasses to the tip of her nose (Poser)
5. Too many Asian "gangsters" to note. (irocknikes)
6. iCEDOUTNiKZ aka Proactiv/Slim Fast model.

Some popular quotes frequently used on the forum:

3. *female posts an image of what she's wearing but the head is not present* "OMFG UR SO FUKIN HOT!"
4. "YEAH I'LL FUCK YOU UP! COME MEET ME AT X TOMORROW" - Scrawny 12 year old.
I use my mommy's grocery money to buy my Jordans. (I.S.S.)
by Nelson C January 02, 2006
The ISS is the International Space Station, a collaborative effort among all nations with a space program. Due to this nature, the project is ongoing, and may be expanded at any time, by any national government that can generate the appropriate funding.

The ISS is in some way a follow-up to the USSR's Mir space station, which saw limited collaboration with other nations, but was put out of commission in 2001. It represents a unique environment to run scientific experiments, along with insight into the necessities that would be inherent in long-term space colonization.
"The ISS isn't a big deal. It's just a space station."

"The ISS is no Mir space station!"

"That was corny as hell."
by fishamaphone December 22, 2009
a special place in a youths life where they get the chance to sit around and experienc....absolutly nuthing.many of the inhabitants of the land of iss beleive they are funny and are the "baddest asses" in town. usually seen in iss are the folowing tpe of people
a.) hardcore emo ba's
b.)the good student who was tardy a few times
c.)the goofball (the one who does the showing off usually)
d.)the overlly crank teacher...who is pissed because he/she isnt a real teacher
wow this kid in iss is a dumb ass because he thinks he is funny
by Mel LeVeque May 02, 2008
The ultimate Sneaker Forum is ISS. Over 120,000 people talking about kicks from all walks of life.
I wanted to know the latest sneaker news and I wesnt to ISS.
by SoleMan July 27, 2008
It Still Sucks. A short way way of telling someone that they fail, again.
Person A: I re-recorded the vocals for this song.

Person B: ISS.
by Shot Shiffith November 19, 2009
"I'm so sure!" said like a Valley Girl. (see also the movie Clueless)
He told you that you looked fat? ISS
by Michael Walker April 03, 2013
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