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The hypothetical name of a man who works with cars in a grade 9 Math textbook.
Q:If Mpho works for 12 hours and fixes one car how many hours will it take him to fix two?
A: Jesus.
by Nat October 10, 2004
a wannabe gangsta..NOT a whit gangsta.
Ja Rule is a WAKNSTA 50 cent is a true GANGSTA.
by Nat April 15, 2003
a slang term used to express a sigh of relief
Fewff...that was a close call, I almost got caught sleeping with his dad.
by nat March 24, 2004
lowest place in a social group.
hes such a pritly bitch....hes go no friends.
by Nat April 20, 2003
1. Present tense of gorving.

2. To travel from place to place in a recreational vehicle.
I'm feeling restless. I feel the need to gorve.
by nat February 02, 2005
1. A polish-american male with a giant mancrush on Alton Brown.

2. A style of facial hair reminiscent of a 1970s porn flick.
Dude, check out the dancheck!
by nat January 30, 2005
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