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Placebo gay bassist/guitarist! He rules!
Stefan- he rules! Yay! Go placebo <3
by Nat January 26, 2004
a homeless person
oh man your such a pevin
by nat October 26, 2003
One day, some stoned happy chappy was thinking of things that rhymed with dandruff, and by some happy coincidence, along came a man inflicted with the 'druff, to which stoned happy chappy cried, 'Mandruff!'
And so it was. Do you see?
Hairdresser: ah jeez, your head is mandruff central, dude. You ever thought about modelling for christmas cards?
Dude: Oh christ no!
by Nat October 23, 2004
one kick ass punky band
my chemical romance rocks
by nat March 21, 2005
Someone who stuffs their bra; someone who is flat chested and uses tissue to get boobs.
Did you see Katie she's being a stuffy today
by nat November 16, 2003
a man thong or a thong that a man might wear
eww his mong was poka dottted
by nat March 06, 2005
A girl is a popsicle if she stops her slutty friend from having oral sex. Also know as cock block
A: I really want to hook up with Brooke, but her best friend is such a popsicle
B: Yea, with her around youll hever get any head
by nat March 03, 2004

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