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A very flexible prostitute. They do not necessarily have to be of Asian descent.
I put her legs behind her head and made some whoragami
by mistahtom July 28, 2005
The dried product on the top of a squeeze bottle or any type of product dispensing container. Ketchup, hair gel, tooth paste, ointment, shave cream....you name it.
The krelm almost entirely useless and is nasty.
by MistahTom April 06, 2006
An extremely long and skinny french-fry. Like one that is over 7 inches.
Damn that french-fry is HUGE! Its a loomer!
by MistahTom September 27, 2005
Prime Minister of Britain 1874–1880 and a novelist. Now you know who he is.
Benjamin Disraeli wrote some books and was the PM of Great Britain.
by Mistahtom January 11, 2006
"Certified Piece of Ass" "Certified PHAT Ass" Describes someone with an incredibly attractive ass. A.k.a. Badonkadonk
Tasha is a CPA with her big ole butt.
by MistahTom November 25, 2005
Spending too much time in the cabin of a ship and getting sick of your mates in the process.
Scurvy Bill The Wej, Cap'n Knappy and Cap'n Kike all got cabin fever from too much time on the Jolly Roger
by mistahtom November 22, 2005
A nick-name for the booty call that visited you last night.
Bryan: How was your Friday night?
Tom: The Pussy Fairy visited me.
Bryan: Nice.
by Mistahtom January 15, 2006
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