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Eating heavily like you've never seen food before.
I knew Shaniqua was pregnant when I saw her grubbing on that burger. Damn!
by Fifi fiferton May 01, 2008
To gather, consume, and horde hungrily, obsessively, as in money-grubbing and power-grubbing; without a hyphenated modifier, the action verb that describes how gluttons behave with food.
He was a money-grubbing, power-grubbing monstrosity, who would allow no law or moral imperative to obstruct the expansion of his media and propaganda empire.
by morbidius April 12, 2013
To drive a motorized vehicle, under the influence of alcohol, while pouring iodized salt on the road.
wow this mexicali sure is delicious, who wants to go grubbing now?!
by thoasty May 03, 2010
Grubbing is when you load maggots into a piece of PVC duct taped to an nail gun air compressor and fire them at 45-year-old women from behind their vans while they are watching their kids soccer game.
"Hey Mike! Let's get your dad's air compressor and go grubbing down at your little brothers soccer game."
by Cale F Sweeney October 16, 2008